The Social Executive Council (SEC) is an invitation-only group for Executive Officer (CXO, President) or senior executives with P&L responsibility (VP and above).

The SEC is incorporated as a non-profit global professional organization. Membership is free, but “by invitation” only.

Social has provided us a lens into the world of our buyers and continues to transform the way buyers go-to-market to solve strategic business problems.

It has also illuminated a significant gap between the way buyers enter the market and vendors go-to and evangelize within the market.

This disconnect, our lack of visibility, and the barriers to buyer adoption are having a significant impact on business performance, including pipeline, revenue and market share.

For that reason, as senior executives, we have the responsibility, the accountability, and through the Social Executive Council, the opportunity, to collaborate on developing the enterprise-wide business strategies necessary for us to understand, address and support the needs of our buyers throughout their entire life cycle with our organizations.

Our objective is to explore the definition of social market leadership, as together we are leading the “Buyer Movement” in our respective markets.

We propose the exchange of ideas around the development of strategy, execution, and measurement with the associated ROI.

We host both online discussions and organize strategic events, including the Social Executive Council Member Showcase. Within the showcase, we tap into the collective knowledge of the members of our group to share their insights, expertise and experiences on an ongoing basis.

Through these discussions, our goal is to empower a more substantive dialogue as we cross this chasm together.